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My name is Abbey Collins, I’m a financial coach supporting individuals and couples to define and obtain financial wellness.


I am so glad that you are here.  

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My Story

My early career began in the field of violence prevention and advocacy. I worked with individuals who had experienced violence, walking with them on whatever path to healing they chose to take. I supported people through difficult times and complex processes. When I wasn’t working directly with clients, I developed different models of prevention education to reduce the occurrence of violence in the community. I focused on empowering community members to intervene if they saw warning signs of violence. This role not only provided me with a unique set of skills to support people through life’s challenges, but it also confirmed that everyone deserves to have an advocate in their life. 


When I became pregnant with my daughter, my husband and I took a hard look at our finances; we had concerns about planning for our future with a child...but didn’t know where to start. We decided to meet with a well recommended financial advisor, explained our situation and asked questions about the process. He explained that there were no minimum investment requirements, no upfront payments, and that he loves to work with young couples. Having someone to guide us through this process calmed some of our fears. 

After our initial meeting, the advisor sent us a 30-page intake form and asked that we send over some other financial documents such as bank statements, insurance policies, and our budget. My husband and I began working through the intake form and soon realized we didn’t understand many of the questions. The language wasn’t accessible and we didn’t have the tools to even have conversations about the questions we were being asked. That’s how uneducated we felt about this topic. We filled out what we could, sent over the information, and then met with the advisor again. 

Abbey Collins Family


In our second meeting, he told us that his analysis determined that if we don’t invest every dollar of our savings, we had a 0% chance of meeting our retirement goals. I asked about our current needs, such as paying for the anticipated hospital bills of giving birth and having an emergency fund. He minimized and bulldozed past those concerns, only to share that he does have a minimum investment requirement, and it was nearly the exact amount we had in savings at the time. We felt completely unheard.

I remember leaving that meeting feeling frustrated, ashamed, and confused about what had just happened. In that moment, I felt empowered to learn how to manage my finances myself. When I decided to enroll in a financial accreditation program, I wasn’t sure that I would ever help other people. I just knew I wanted to feel confident in achieving my own financial wellness without having to rely on someone who was profiting off my ignorance. 

After completing the courses and the accreditation to become a financial coach, I realized that the skillset I honed while working as a victim advocate is easily transferrable into this field of work. I recognize that trauma, life transitions, and other life experiences can impact our relationship to money and what we believe we are worthy of. Financial coaching is not just talking about money. We examine money beliefs, childhood associations to money, and get clear on what money means to us. I do all of this through a trauma-informed lens. 

My goal is to empower clients to make educated financial decisions and feel confident in their abilities to obtain and maintain financial wellness. I serve only my clients and do not sell anything but my time and knowledge. 

Finances don’t have to be a taboo topic that we dread or avoid discussing. When we work together, you are invited into a space of expansion, rather than scarcity or limiting beliefs. Together, we will create a community that is empowered to cultivate an abundant financial future.


Masters of Public Health, Colorado School of Public Health 

Accredited Financial Counselor, AFCPE

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